The ArteStudio’s creative laboratory of Brescia is born from the genius and talent of the artist Roberto Radici. A lot of Roberto Radici’s oeuvre arise in the laboratory-showroom of ArteStudio Kameleon: a creative laboratory of design and a workshop of achievement situated in Concesio in the province of Brescia, where it is possible to see some of his bright arts objects. ArteStudio is a place where Robert Radici’s talent and manual skill become concrete objects with an original and unique style. Art expressions of genre and different styles come from the flair and versatility of Roberto Radici: invention of internal or external furnishings, realization of location for exhibition areas (included locations for exhibition stands). From his hands arise scenic design, trompe l’oeil, portraits of large dimensions, created with various techniques that enrich ceilings and pool’s walls, dining halls, relax areas both of new and ancient buildings, privates or publics.

Roberto Radici

Artist for need, painter for talent
Roberto Radici is an artist able to create real works of art.. Born in Brescia on 24/04/1962 attended the art school “Caravaggio” of Brescia and “Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera” in Milano. The awareness that art is an integral part of his life has lead him to a continue research and experimentation of art expression. In particular has deepened the use of the fresco, one of the techniques much more appropriated to his pictorial manual skill. Drawing from the sources of the great frescoes of the past, he has elaborated a personal interpretation of this complicated technique.

Arte Studio

Within the creative workshop of ArteStudio in Concesio, in the province of Brescia, Roberto Radici studies and designs works, paintings, bespoke furniture proposals with refined taste, playing on the synergy of the meeting between precious materials and other “poor” ones, to which are added objects from all over the world, able to give life to an infinite number of styles and colors.

ArteStudio is a creative workshop of about 500 square meters, within which you can admire the various works created by the artist Roberto Radici.

ArteStudio’s works are present in some of the most renowned European and international hotels in different countries (United States, Japan, Hong Kong). Over the years, ArteStudio has participated in numerous international events and exhibitions and has been an active part in the realization of prestigious projects.